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Sponsorship Logo Requirements

To ensure the highest display quality of your company logo, please follow the below guidelines.

  • Accepted file types for logo files are .ai, .eps, .pdf (vector files)
  • Fonts must be converted to outlines
  • Please provide the following three versions of your logo:
    • Full-color
    • Black (one color)
    • White (for use on a dark background)
  • Email to [email protected]

All logos provided to Novogradac shall adhere to and be in compliance with Novogradac's Sponsorship Logo Requirements (above), at your sole cost and expense, in order for Novogradac to exhibit and display your logos on any conference materials. If you fail to adhere to or comply with Novogradac’s Sponsorship Logo Requirements with respect to all logos provided, then Novogradac reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to exhibit and display any or all non-compliant logos on any conference materials. Please contact, [email protected], if you have any questions regarding Novogradac’s Sponsorship Logo Requirements.

Examples of Logos Needed and Usage

Sponsor Images: Color Logo

Full-color version, to be used on light backgrounds.

Sponsor Images: Black Logo

Black (one color) version, to be used in place of full-color version for special designs, such as etched glass or engraved artwork.

Sponsor Image: White Logo

White version, to be used on dark backgrounds.

Logos on Display


Sponsor Images: Logos on Display


Why does Novogradac require vector logo files?

  • Vector logos can be resized to be larger or smaller and will always retain their fidelity and sharpness, whereas raster or image logos cannot be resized without affecting the sharpness of the image. The difference is particularly noticeable when a raster or image file is enlarged as is often needed for our large signage. This is shown in the comparison below. 

Vector file (.ai, .eps, .pdf vector):

Raster file (.jpg, .png):

Sponsor Image: Vector Example
Sponsor Images: Raster Example
  • Vector logos can be placed on a variety of backgrounds as the space behind the logo is transparent. Raster images often include a white background behind the logo that limits their use to items that also have a white background. When placed on a color background, the white space would appear as a white rectangle around and behind the logo.

Vector file (.ai, .eps, .pdf vector):

Raster file (.jpg, .png):

Sponsor Images: Mug White
Sponsor Images: Mug Raster
  • Vendors who create our signage, artwork and giveaways are often only able to use vector files (.ai, .eps, .pdf vector file).

I have a raster image file (.jpg, .png, .tiff, .btmp, .gif) for my logo, can I send that instead?

No, unfortunately we are unable to use a raster image file. These files cannot be scaled larger or smaller without distortion and we want to represent your brand well. 

Can I convert my raster image file into a vector file by changing the file extension?

No, these are different types of files. This would be like changing the file extension of a Microsoft Word document to Excel and expecting it to become a spreadsheet. Your graphic designer who created your logo can provide you with the vector files if you do not have them. Our design team is also willing to interface directly with your graphic designer to ensure the proper files are obtained and your brand is represented in the best possible light.

I only have the color version of a vector logo, will this work for my sponsorship?

The Novogradac design team is likely able to convert your color vector logo to black and white if you are willing to approve of this conversion.

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