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State Renewable Energy Tax Credit Legislation

State Legislation



Massachusetts H. 5060, Advancing offshore wind and clean energy
Enacted August 11, 2022

South Carolina S0901, Amend Section 12-6-3775, Code Of Laws Of South Carolina, 1976, Relating To A Solar Energy Income Tax Credit
Enacted June 22, 2022


Massachusetts H.B. 4524, Advancing offshore wind and clean energy
Introduced March 3, 2022



New Jersey: A. 5939, Revises various provisions of "New Jersey Economic Recovery Act of 2020" 
Enacted July 2, 2021


Ohio S.B. 89, Regards renewable energy resources
Introduced Feb. 24, 2021

Indiana H.B. 1348, Assessment of utility grade solar projects
Introduced Jan. 14, 2021



Hawaii S.B. 2820, Relating To Renewable Energy
Enacted July 13, 2020


Hawaii H.B. 2039, Renewable Energy Technologies Tax Credits; Power Purchase Agreements
Introduced Jan. 17, 2020

Virginia H.B. 461, Renewable Energy Property; Tax Credit Established
Introduced Jan. 3, 2020

Arizona H.B. 2290, Renewable Energy Production; Tax Credit
Introduced Jan. 15, 2020





New Mexico S.B. 29, Solar Market Development Income Tax Credit
Introduced December 18, 2019

South Carolina SB 362, Solar Energy Property Tax Credit
Introduced Jan. 10, 2019

Virginia HB 2460 Income Tax; State; Credit for Solar Energy Equipment
Introduced January 9, 2019

Virginia HB 2165 Income Tax; State; Credit for Solar Energy Equipment
Introduced January 8, 2019

Virginia SB 1496 Installed Solar Energy Equipment Program Grant Fund; Created
Introduced January 8, 2019




Hawaii SB 2100, Relating to Renewable Energy
January 19, 2018




California A.B. 893, An act to add Section 399.35 to, and to add and repeal Section 400.5 of, the Public Utilities Code, relating to energy
Introduced February 16, 2017

New York S. 3403, An act to amend the tax law, in relation to establishing a corporate and a personal income tax credit for wind energy system equipment
Introduced January 23, 2017

Hawaii S.B. 665, Revised statutes: solar water heater system required for new single-family residential construction
Introduced January 20, 2017

New Mexico H.B.82, Extending the Solar Market Development Tax Credit; Incrementally Reducing the Amount of the Credit; Combining the Solar Thermal Systems and Photovoltaic Systems Aggregate Caps Into One Aggregate Cap. 
Introduced January 16, 2017

California S.B. 100, An act to amend Sections 399.11, 399.15, and 399.30 of, and to add Section 454.53 to, the Public Utilities Code, relating to energy
​Introduced January 11, 2017

Virginia H.B. 1632, A bill to amend the Code of Virginia, relating to tax credits for placing into service renewable energy property.
Introduced January 4, 2017



Iowa H.F. 2468
Enacted May 27, 2016

Amendments to Iow H.F. 2468


New Mexico H.B. 26, Extending the Solar Market Development Tax Credit
Introduced Dec. 16, 2015


Colorado H.B. 1219, EZ Investment Tax Credit For Renewable Energy
Introduced February 10, 2015

North Carolina S. 372, credit for investing in renewable energy property
Engrossed April 30, 2015

Louisiana H.B. 817, Solar Energy Tax Credit
Introduced April 22, 2015

Louisiana H.B. 779

Louisiana H.B. 510

New Mexico S.B. 391, Solar Market Development Tax Credit
Introduced March 2015

New Mexico H.B. 242, renewable energy tax credit changes
Introduced January 23, 2015

Nebraska L.B. 423, to change a renewable energy tax credit
Introduced Janaury 16, 2015

Oklahoma H.B. 1549, an act relating to wind energy
Introduced January 14, 2015


South Carolina Clean Energy Tax Incentive Program (H. 3644)
Signed June 10, 2014

Iowa S.F. 2340, an act modifying provisions applicable to the solar energy system tax credit, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions
Introduced March 17, 2014

Iowa S.B. 3201, an act modifying provisions applicable to the solar energy system tax credit
Introduced February 25, 2014

Arizona H.B. 2586, the corporate tax credits; annual reporting
House Engrossed March 7, 2014

Utah S.B. 0224, renewable energy tax credit amendments
Introduced February 20, 2014

Wisconsin, A.B. 596, to qualify older facilites for salable tax credit
Introduced January 3, 2014


Louisiana, H.B. 705, the reduction of certain solar energy systems tax credits and to remove the wind energy systems tax credit
Enacted June 21, 2013

Texas H.B. 2446, relating to the definitions of advanced clean energy projects and to franchise tax credits for those projects
Engrossed, June 14, 2013

Nebraska L.B. 104, to provide tax incentives under the Nebraska Advantage Act for renewable energy projects
Enacted June 5, 2013

Hawaii H.B. 1408, to provide tax credit rates and certification requirements for various renewable energy technologies
Introduced January 24, 2013

Hawaii H.B. 967, to clarify the renewable energy technologies income tax
Introduced January 22, 2013

Hawaii H.B. 756, to provide a graduated reduction of rates for the renewable energy technologies tax credit
Introduced January 22, 2013

Hawaii H.B. 497, to amend the tax credit for solar energy systems; defines certain types of solar energy sytems and tax credits applicable to each
Introduced January 18, 2013


Iowa S.F. 2342, to provide tax credits for solar energy systems and geothermal heat pumps
(enacted May 25, 2012)

Oklahoma H.B. 2978, an act relating to revenue and taxation; tax credits; criteria; restrictions; effective date; emergency
(engrossed April 24, 2012)

Florida H.B. 7117, an act relating to energy; reestablishing a corporate tax credit for certain costs related to renewable energy technologies
(enacted April 14, 2012)

Hawaii H.B. 2417, relating to renewable energy
(engrossed April 10, 2012)

Iowa S.F. 2326, to increase eligible generating capacity under wind and renewable energy tax credit programs
(introduced March 29, 2012)

Utah S.B. 65, to increase alternative energy development tax incentives
(enacted March 26, 2012)

Idaho H.B. 561, to put a moratorium on wind development
(introduced February 17, 2012)

Oregon H.B. 4038, to remove provisions requiring submission of jobs-related data by applicants for energy tax credits
(engrossed February 15, 2012)

Idaho H.B. 527, to put a moratorium on wind development
(introduced February 13, 2012)

Oklahoma H.B. 2979, an act relating to revenue and taxation; tax credits; transferability; emergency
(introduced February 6, 2012)

Oklahoma H.B. 2977, an act relating to revenue and taxation; Task Force for the Study of State Tax Credits and Economic Incentives; report date; effective date; emergency
(introduced February 6, 2012)

Oklahoma H.B. 2976, an act relating to revenue and taxation; tax credits; moratorium; reauthorization of tax credits; effective date; emergency
(introduced February 6, 2012)

Final Report of the Task Force on Comprehensive Tax Reform (December 30, 2011)

Tennessee H.B. 3395, relating to solar energy tax credits
(introduced January 26, 2012)

Iowa S.F. 2050, an act increasing the amount of generating capacity eligible for the renewable energy tax credit
(introduced January 23, 2012)

Arizona H.B. 2456, relating to the solar energy tax credit amount
(introduced January 12, 2012)


Oregon H.B. 2523 Relating to Energy; Creating New Provisions, Amending Certain Laws and Prescribing an Effective Date
(enacted June 23, 2011)

Iowa H.F. 672 to Modify the Renewable Energy Tax Credit
(enrolled May 23, 2011)

Oregon H.B. 3672 to Eliminate the Business Energy Tax Credit Program
(introduced May 19, 2011)

Georgia H.B. 346 to Expand and Extend the Renewable Energy Tax Credit
(enacted May 11, 2011)

Nebraska L.B. 359 to Provide a Renewable Energy Tax Credit for Renewable Energy Generation Facilities
(enacted May 11, 2011)

Vermont H.B. 456 to Allow Taxpayers to Claim a Grant in Lieu of the Business Solar Tax Credit
(introduced April 18, 2011)

Iowa S.B. 516 to Establish Tax Credits for Solar and Wind Energy System Installation
(introduced March 24, 2011)

New York S. 4178 to amend the public service law and the public authorities law in relation to the creation of the New York solar industry development and jobs act of 2011 and the procurement of solar renewable energy credits; and providing for the repeal of such provisions upon expiration thereof
(introduced March 22, 2011)

Iowa S.B. 503 to Provide an Additional State Renewable Energy Tax Credit
(introduced March 15, 2011)

Idaho H.B. 265 to Put a Moratorium on Wind Development
(introduced March 14, 2011)

Iowa H.F. 634 to Expand Eligibility for the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit
(introduced March 9, 2011)

North Carolina S.B. 94 to Allow the Renewable Energy Tax Credit to be Allocated by a Pass-Through Entity to its Owners
(introduced February 22, 2011)

Iowa H.B. 335 to Add Geothermal to List of Projects Eligible for the Renewable Energy Tax Credit
(introduced February 21, 2011)

Maryland H.B. 1054 to Establish the Offshore Wind Energy Act
(introduced February 11, 2011)

Montana S.B. 253 to Eliminate Certain Tax Credit Programs Including Geothermal and Alternative Energy Generation
(introduced January 31, 2011)

Wisconsin A.B. 9 to Establish a Siting Requirement for Wind Turbines
(introduced January 24, 2011)

Hawaii H.B. 566 to Place a Cap and Other Restrictions on the Renewable Energy Technologies Income Credit
(introduced January 21, 2011)

Wyoming H.B. 191 to Change Tax Rates on Wind Energy and Equipment
(introduced January 21, 2011)

Massachusetts S. 1448 to Establish a Sunset for Economic Development Tax Incentives
(introduced January 20, 2011)

Missouri S.B. 139, to Subject All State Tax Credits to Appropriations
(introduced January 19, 2011)

Missouri S.B. 141, to Limit Campaign Contributors' Receipt of Tax Credits
(introduced January 19, 2011)

Nebraska L.B. 359 to Amend the Renewable Tax Credit for Renewable Electric Generation Facilities
(introduced January 13, 2011)

Oregon H.B. 2818 to Prohibit Transfer of Tax Credits Allowed to Certain Energy Facilities
(introduced January 12, 2011)

Virginia S.B. 981 to Create a Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit
(introduced January 11, 2011)

Oregon H.B. 2522 to Extend the Sunset Provision for RETC Program to 2018
(introduced January 9, 2011)

Oregon H.B. 2900 to Abolish the Oregon Department of Energy
(introduced January 9, 2011)

Oregon H.B. 2936 to Establish Tax Credits for Woody Biomass Transportation, Biomass Electrical Generation and Equipment to Collect or Manufacture Product from Reclaimed Material
(introduced January 9, 2011)


New Jersey A. 3277 to Allow Tax Credits for Development of Wind Energy Facilities in Certain Portfield Sites
(introduced September 30, 2010)

New Jersey S. 2231 to Allow Tax Credits for Wind Energy Facilities Developed in Port Authority District
(introduced August 23, 2010)

New Jersey S. 2036 to Establish the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act
(enacted August 19, 2010)

Illinois H.B. 6202, Amends the Public Utilities Act
(enrolled August 17, 2010; Public Act 096-1437)

North Carolina H.B. 1829, Changes to Renewable Energy Incentives
(enacted August 2, 2010)

Massachusetts H.B. 4955 Wind Energy Siting Reform Act
(introduced July 29, 2010)

Illinois H.B. 4797 to Extend Property Tax Relief for Wind Farms
(enacted July 14, 2010)

Ohio S.B. 232 to Exempt Renewable Energy Facilities from Property Taxation
(enacted June 17, 2010)

Alaska S.B. 220 Alaska Sustainable Energy Act
(enacted June 17, 2010)

Alaska H.B. 306 to Declare a State Energy Policy
(enacted June 17, 2010)

North Carolina S.B. 388 to Remove Certain Treasury Grants from the Definition of Public Funds
(enacted June 7, 2010)

Maryland H.B. 464 Maryland Clean Energy Incentive Act
(enacted May 20, 2010)

Arizona S.B. 1254 to Place an Annual Cap on the Production Tax Credit
(enacted May 11, 2010)

New York Draft Bill to Defer Use or Payment of Certain Tax Credits
As of April 26, 2010

California S.B. 401 to Conform State Tax Law to Federal Changes Since 2005
(enrolled April 8, 2010)

Missouri H.B. 2399 to Alter Tax Credit Authorization Laws
(introduced March 29, 2010)

Idaho H.B. 720 to Establish a Business Energy Tax Credit Program
(introduced March 24, 2010)

Oregon H.B. 3680 to Scale Back Business Energy Tax Credits
(enacted March 18, 2010)

Ohio H.B. 464 to Exempt Wind and Solar Facilities from Property Taxation
(introduced March 15, 2010)


Utah H.B. 430 Renewable Energy Development Act
(enacted March 24, 2009)

New York A. 7013 to Establish an Alternative Energy Systems Tax Credit
(enacted March 18, 2009)

Texas H.B. 1992 to Establish a Tax Credit for Renewable Energy Projects
(enacted February 27, 2009)


Oregon H.B. 3619b to Streamline and Alter the Business Energy Tax Credit for Renewable Energy Projects
(passed February 22, 2008)


Colorado H.B. 1281 Concerning Increased Renewable Energy Standards
(March 13, 2007)

Colorado Legislative Council Staff Fiscal Note Regarding H.B. 1281

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