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Novogradac Capital Magnet Fund Mapping Tool

Disclaimer: The data presented below are provided as a reference and the validity of the data cannot be guaranteed. Official fund amounts should be based on the CDFI Fund’s mapping tool. Official determination of being located in a QCT or DDA should be based on HUD’s mapping tool.

This tool and the data in the searchable map below reflects CMF investment activity based on compliance data from the fiscal year 2010. Initial FY 2016 data has also been included; the mapping tool will be updated as more information is made available.  The congressional district boundaries shown are based on those set for 116th Congress and members are accurate of October 2019.

Details about data displayed can be viewed in an info box below the map.


  LIHTC: DDAs: The top 20% of census tracts where FMRs are high relative to incomes
  LIHTC: QCTs: Census tracts where half the tract households have incomes at or below 60% AMI or 25% poverty (limited to 20% of metro population)
  NMTC: Eligible tracts are where the tract median income is at or below 80% AMI or where the poverty rate is at least 20%
  OZ: This tool displays designated qualified opportunity zones as certified by the Treasury Department.

Launch the Capital Magnet Fund Mapping Tool

How to Use the Novogradac Capital Magnet Fund Mapping Tool

  • Enter an address in the search field to locate a specific location, or click to Select by Congressional District of Select by State.
    • Click on a dot associated with an investment to see
      • Project type
      • Total project cost
      • Amount of committed CMF investment
      • Project status
      • Commitment date
      • Use of LIHTC dollars
      • LIHTC units
      • Total units
  • Additional data layers are available; click to display:
    • 2019 Difficult Development Areas (LIHTC)
    • Opportunity Zones
    • 2019 Qualified Census Tracts (LIHTC)
    • NMTC Eligible Census Tracts
  • Click Download Map Image to send the content displayed on screen to print
  • Click the Download to CSV button to download the data shown in the info box to a Microsoft Excel-readable CSV file.
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