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State LIHTC Legislation - 2020



Pennsylvania S.B. 30, Amending the Tax Reform Code of 1971, by Adding an Article Establishing the Pennsylvania Housing Tax Credit Section 1902-G
Nov. 3, 2020

Mississippi H.B. 1810, An Act To Create "The Rental Assistance Grant Program"
Oct. 9, 2020

South Carolina H.B. 3998, Workforce and Senior Affordable Housing Act
May 19, 2020

Utah S.B. 39, Modifies Provisions Related to Affordable Housing
March 28, 2020

Maine L.D. 1645, An Act To Create Affordable Workforce and Senior Housing and Preserve
Enacted February 12, 2020


California AB-3308 School districts: employee housing.
California AB-2746 Funding accountability: state funding for homelessness.
Engrossing and enrolling Aug. 31, 2020

Oklahoma H.B. 2760, Revenue and Taxation; Income Tax Credits for Affordable Housing; Modifying Maximum Credit Amount; Providing an Effective Date
May 12, 2020

Pennsylvania S.B. 962, Amending the Tax Reform Code of 1971, by Adding an Article Establishing the Pennsylvania Housing Tax Credit Section 1902-G
May 11, 2020

Connecticut S.B. 184, An Act Increasing Opportunities for Workforce Housing Development In the State
Introduced February 20, 2020

Arizona H.B. 2732, Tax Credit; Affordable Housing
Introduced February 18, 2020

Maryland S.B. 715, Housing and Community Development - Affordable Housing Development Credit Program
Introduced February 3, 2020

California A.B. 2058, Creates an Affordable Housing Preservation Tax Credit
Introduced February 3, 2020

Press Release: Bipartisan Coalition Introduces Legislation to Combat Imminent Loss of Affordable Housing
Released February 4, 2020

Utah S.B. 39, Affordable Housing Amendments
Introduced January 27, 2020

Hawaii S.B. 2970, HHFDC; Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program; Affordable Housing
Introduced January 23, 2020

Oklahoma S.B. 1578, Tax Credits; Increasing Cap on Total Credits Allocated Annually Under Oklahoma Affordable Housing Act
Introduced January 16, 2020

Washington H.B. 2606, Providing a Business and Occupation Tax Credit for Financial Institutions Issuing Loans for Affordable Housing Programs
Introduced January 16, 2020

Indiana H.B. 1381, Affordable Housing Tax Credit
Introduced January 14, 2020

Missouri S.B. 549, Modifies Provisions Relating to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
Introduced January 8, 2020

Virginia H.B. 810, A Stakeholder Meeting on the Establishment of a Virginia Opportunity Tax Credit Program
Introduced January 8, 2020

Virginia H.J.R. 2, Proposing An Amendment to Section 6 of Article X of the Constitution of Virginia, Relating to Real Property Tax Exemption; Affordable Housing
Introduced January 8, 2020

Press Release: Home Builders Association of Virginia Announces Legislation to Expand Access to Housing Opportunities
Released January 7, 2020

Hawaii H.B. 956, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
Introduced January 1, 2020

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