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2020 Federal LIHTC Information by State

Listed below are the scheduled deadlines for submitting LIHTC applications and related information. We will update this list as new information becomes available. If you would like to correct or update the information listed below please e-mail [email protected] .



Estimated Tax Credits to be Allocated in 2020

2020 Application Cycles

2020 Application Deadlines

State Housing Credits for 2020?

Alabama $13,472,194One roundFebruary 20, 2020No
Arizona $20,170,254One roundApril 1, 2020No
Arkansas $9,090,478One roundMarch 2, 2020Yes
California    Yes
Colorado $16,196,445Two rounds: One for 9% and one for 4%Round 1: February 3, 2020, Round 2: August 3, 2020Yes
Connecticut    Yes
Delaware $3,217,500One roundApril 30, 2020No
Florida    No
Georgia $27,900,000One roundPre-Apps: March 5, 2020; final application May 21, 2020Yes
Hawaii $4,086,053One roundApril 17, 2020Yes
Idaho $5,047,456One roundAugust 1, 2020No
Illinois $28,058,127One roundMarch 23, 2020Yes
Indiana $19,361,899One roundJuly 29, 2019No
Iowa $9,097,620One roundMarch 11, 2019No
Kansas$8,539,702One roundFebruary 7, 2020No
Kentucky $12,565,330One roundJanuary 15, 2019No
Louisiana    No
Maine $3,750,000One roundAugust 13, 2019No
Maryland $16,700,000One roundMay 2020 (approx)No
Minnesota $15,486,854Two roundsJune 30, 2019 and January 31, 2020No
Mississippi    No
Missouri $17,261,516NANAYes
Montana $3,284,480One roundLetter of intent: April 2019; full application: July 2019No
Nebraska  Two roundsRound 1: January 6, 2020
Round 2: May 4, 2020
Nevada $9,531,351One roundMay 1, 2020Yes
New Hampshire $3,824,187One roundPre-Application: June 3, 2019;  final application: August. 23, 2019No
New Jersey $24,981,159One roundSummer 2020No
New Mexico $5,918,959One roundFebruary 14, 2020Yes
New York $54,700,000Two rounds Yes
North Carolina $30,348,679One roundPrelim Application: January 24, 2020; full application: May 15, 2020No
North Dakota $3,217,500One roundSeptember 30, 2019No
Ohio $32,847,332One 9% round, quarterly 4% round9% Competitive:
February 13, 2020
4% Non-Competitive:
January 6-10, 2020
4% Non-Competitive:
April 6-10, 2020
4% Non-Competitive:
July 6-10, 2020
4% Non-Competitive:
October 5-9, 2020
4% Bond Gap Financing:
Oklahoma   Round one: January 9, 2020, Round two: June 25, 2020Yes
Pennsylvania $36,005,594One roundNovember 15, 2019No
Puerto Rico     
Rhode Island     
South Carolina     
South Dakota $3,228,062One roundAugust 1, 2020No
Tennessee $19,207,051One competitive and one innovation roundCompetitive: March 4, 2020 Innovation: November 11, 2019No
Texas $80,723,939One roundFebruary 28, 2020No
Utah $8,799,803One roundOctober 7, 2019Yes
Vermont $3,198,139One round9% due January 31, 2020Yes
Virginia $24,214,000One roundMarch 12, 2020No
Virgin Islands     
Washington $21,416,887One roundJanuary. 22, 2020No
District of Columbia     
West Virginia $5,061,809Two rounds9% round: May 28, 2020 and 4% round: September 30, 2020No
Wisconsin $15,650,000 in 9% credits November 22, 2019 - December 6, 2019Yes
Wyoming $3,105,000 Letter of intent: August 30, 2019; application: September 30, 2019No

1 If credits remain after first cycle.

TBD indicates this figure or date is still to be determined by the according state agency.

"Not Available" indicates that the state agency was unable to respond to our inquiries by the time this book went to print.

Please note this information was provided to us directly from the states and some of the information is based on estimates. As such, please consider this chart tentative and subject to change. Application deadlines should be verified with the appropriate allocating agency. We will update these figures — which are also available to you online at — as more information becomes available.

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