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State LIHTC Legislation - 2016


Illinois S.B. 2921, Tax Credit for Aaffordable Housing Donations
December 21, 2016

California S.B. 1413, An Act to add Part 14 to Division 31 of the Health and Safety Code, Relating to Housing
Enrolled September 27, 2016

California A.B. 1920, An Act to Amend Section 50199.10 of the Health and Safety Code, Relating to Housing, and Making an Aappropriation Therefor
Enrolled August 25, 2016

California S.B. 837, Regarding State LIHTCs
June 27, 2016

Nebraska L.B. 884, To adopt the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Act
Enacted April 20, 2016

October 21, 2016

Utah S.B. 60, Low-income Housing Tax Credit Allocation Amendments
Enacted March 25, 2016

Hawaii S.B. 2833, Relating to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
January 27, 2016


California A.B. 71, Bring California Home Act
December 16, 2016

A.B. 72, Increased Enforcement of Existing State Housing Laws
A.B. 73, Spur Production of  High Density, Transit-Oriented Housing
A.B. 74, Housing for a Healthy California

California SB 3, Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018
Introduced December 5, 2016

California SB 35, relating to affordable housing
Introduced December 5, 2016

California Senate Bill 2, Building Homes and Jobs Act
Introduced December 5, 2016

Oklahoma S.B. 1608, An Act Relating to the Oklahoma Affordable Housing Act: Modifying Total Credits Allocated for Specified Time Periods and Providing an Effective Date
Introduced May 16, 2016

Colorado H.B. 1465, Concerning Modifications to the Colorado LIHTC, and in Connection Therewith, Extending the Period During Which the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority May Allocate LIHTCs
Introduced May 5, 2016

Louisiana H.B. 610, Prohibits the Inclusion of the Value of Certain Federal Tax Credits and Special Financing Provisions When Determining the Fair Market Value of Certain Property for Purposes of Tax Assessment
Introduced March 4, 2016

Louisiana H.B. 359, Establishes Criteria for Valuation of Low-Income Housing Property for Purposes of Assessment of Ad Valorem Taxes
Introduced March 2, 2016

South Carolina S. 1070, A Bill to Make Amendments To Allow for a Taxpayer Eligible for a Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit to Claim a Low-Income State Tax Credit In an Amount Equal to the Federal Tax Credit
(Introduced February 9, 2016)

Missouri S.B. 690, Relating to a LIHTC for Veterans
(Introduced January 6, 2016)

Missouri S.B. 692, Relating to the LIHTC Program
(Introduced January 6, 2016)

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