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2012 State Bond Caps and Deadlines

Listed below are the scheduled deadlines for submitting tax-exempt bond applications and related information. We will continually update this list as new information becomes available. If you would like to correct or update the information listed below please e-mail [email protected].


2012 State Ceiling

Multifamily Allocation

2012 Application Deadlines

Alabama$113,518,730$0Feb. 1, 2012; May 1, 2012; Aug. 1, 2012; Nov. 1, 2012
Arkansas$284,560,000Not AvailableNot Available


Colorado$498,520,000$86,869,000First come, first served
Delaware$284,560,000$0Not Available
Florida$1,810,466,490$428,241,622First come, first served
Georgia$932,445,000Not AvailableNot Available
Hawaii$284,560,000Not AvailableNot Available
Idaho$282,000,000$282,000,000First come, first served
Illinois$1,222,580,000Not AvailableOngoing
Indiana$615,961,190$123,192,238Ongoing from March 12 to June 8, 2012
Louisiana$434,609,000Not AvailableNot Available
Maine$284,560,000Not AvailableNot Available
Maryland$144,000,000TBDFirst come, first served
Massachusetts$625,816,000Not AvailableNot Available
Michigan$938,238,000Not AvailableNot Available
Minnesota$507,762,000Not AvailableNot Available
Montana$284,560,000$20,000,000First come, first served
Nebraska$284,560,000Not AvailableNot Available
Nevada$284,560,000Not AvailableNot Available
New Hampshire$142,280,000$30,000,000Ongoing
New Jersey$200,031,510$200,031,510Ongoing
New Mexico$284,560,000$40,000,000Ongoing
New York$1,849,190,000Not AvailableNot Available
North Carolina$917,358,000Not AvailableJanuary 13, 2012 and mid-July
North Dakota$503,335,000 2$0First come, first served
Ohio$1,096,770,000Not AvailableNot Available
Oklahoma$360,193,000Not AvailableNot Available
Oregon$694,304,564 1$125,000,000September 1, 2012
Pennsylvania$200,000,170$58,580,000First come, first served
Rhode Island$150,000,000$75,000,000Rolling
South Carolina$444,527,000Not AvailableRolling
South Dakota$284,560,000TBDFirst come, first served
Texas$2,439,100,000Not AvailableNot Available
Utah$284,560,000$34,147,200November 28, 2011; February 27, 2012; May 28, 2012; August 27, 2012; October 29, 2012



Washington, D.C.

$284,560,000Not AvailableNot Available

West Virginia

$284,560,000$113,824,000First come, first served
Wisconsin$542,618,000Not AvailableNot Available
Wyoming$284,560,000Not AvailableNot Available

Please note this information was provided to us directly from the states and some of the information is based on estimates. As such, please consider this chart tentative and subject to change. Application deadlines should be verified with the appropriate allocating agency. We will update these figures as more information becomes available.

"TBD" indicates this figure or date is still to be determined by the according state agency.
"Not Available" indicates that the state agency was unable to respond to our inquiries.

1 Oregon Housing and Community Services allocation only. Includes carryforward from 2009-2010.
2 Amount includes carryforward from 2011.
3 Amount includes single-family and multifamily allocation.

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