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2007 QAPs and Applications







AlabamaDraft QAPFinal QAP---

Qualified Contract Policies and Procedures
Preliminary Application for a Qualified Contract
LIHTC Recipients

Alaska---Final QAPApplication

Application Instructions
Market Study Standards
Policies and Procedures

LIHTC Recipients (a)

LIHTC Recipients (b)

ArizonaDraft QAPFinal QAPApplication

LIHTC Recipients

Arkansas---Final QAPApplication

LIHTC Recipients

California---Final QAPApplication

LURA Draft (4% LIHTCs, state and federal)

LURA Draft (4% LIHTCs, federal)

LURA Draft (9% LIHTCs, state and federal)

LURA Draft (9% LIHTCs, federal)

4% Application
Set-Asides and Geographic Regions - Preliminary Estimates as of February 13, 2007

2007 Program Regulations: Responses to Comments and Final Proposed Regulation Changes

New Application Submittal Protocols

First Round Applicants

First Round Set Asides

LIHTC Recipients

ColoradoDraft QAPFinal QAPApplication2007 Proposed Changes
ConnecticutDraft QAP---Application

2007 Proposed Changes

LIHTC Recipients

Florida---Final QAPApplication


GeorgiaDraft QAPFinal QAPApplication2007 Application Instructions
HawaiiDraft QAPFinal QAP---LIHTC Recipients
Idaho---Final QAP---

Approved Market Study Firms
Application Exhibits "A"
Application Exhibits "B"

LIHTC Recipients


Draft QAP

Final QAP---LIHTC Recipients
IndianaDraft QAPFinal QAP---

Approved Market Study Firms

LIHTC Recipients

IowaDraft QAPFinal QAPApplication

Market Study Guide

LIHTC Recipients

KansasDraft QAPFinal QAPApplication

2007 Draft QAP Changes
Kansas Market Study Requirements

LIHTC Recipients

KentuckyDraft QAPFinal QAP---

Threshold Requirements
Score Sheet
Scoring Guidelines
Market Study Requirements

Louisiana---Final QAPApplication

GO Zone Additional Credits Procedures Memo (April 19, 2010)

GO Zone Additional Credits Procedures

GO Zone Additional Credits Preliminary Ranking

Letter to Governor Jindal

Environmental Checklist

2007-2008 GO Zone Tax Credits Recipients

GO Zone Tax Credits QAP

Maine---Final QAP---

Green Building Standards
Green Building Standards Ammendment 1
Green Building Standards Ammendment 2
Green Building Standards Ammendment 3

LIHTC Recipients

MarylandDraft QAPFinal QAP 

Application Instructions

LIHTC Recipients

MassachusettsDraft QAPFinal QAP------
Michigan---Final QAP---LIHTC Recipients
MinnesotaDraft QAPFinal QAPApplication

2007 Program Application Dates
Procedural Manual

LIHTC Recipients (a)
LIHTC Recipients (b)

MississippiDraft QAPFinal QAPApplicationLIHTC Recipients (a)
LIHTC Recipients (b)
MissouriDraft QAPFinal QAPApplicationLIHTC Recipients
Montana---FinaL QAPApplicationLIHTC Recipients
Nebraska---Final QAPApplication

Additional Documents

LIHTC Recipients

NevadaDraft QAPFinal QAPApplicationLIHTC Recipients
New Hampshire Draft QAPFinal QAPApplication

QAP Appendices

New Mexico Draft QAPFinal QAP---LIHTC Recipients
New York ---Final QAPApplication

Application Instructions

LIHTC Recipients

North Carolina Draft QAPFinal QAPApplication

Appendix A: Market Studies
Appendix B: Design Standards
Draft Appendix F: Compliance

2007 LIHTC Recipients
2006 LIHTC Recipients

North Dakota ---Final QAPApplication

LIHTC Recipients

OhioDraft QAPFinal QAP---

Experience and Capacity Review Guidelines

LIHTC Recipients

OklahomaDraft QAPFinal QAPApplicationTax Credit Program Rules
Oregon---Final QAP---LIHTC Recipients
Pennsylvania---Final QAPApplicationLIHTC Recipients
Puerto Rico ---Final QAP------
Rhode Island Draft QAPFinal QAP---Developer's Handbook
South Carolina ---Final QAPApplication 
South DakotaDraft QAPFinal QAPApplicationLIHTC Recipients
TennesseeDraft QAPFinal QAPApplication'07 Multifamily Tax-Exempt Bond Authority Program Description
Texas---Final QAPApplicationLIHTC Recipients
Utah---Final QAPApplicationLIHTC Recipients
Virgin Islands ---Final QAPApplication

LIHTC Recipients
Program Summary
Sample Carryover Allocation
Sample Reservation Certificate
List of Market Study Consultants
List of Property Managers Operating in the V.I.

Virginia---Final QAPApplication

4% Tax Exempt Bond Credits Application
Market Study Requirements
Market Study Analyst Listing

LIHTC Recipients

Washington---Final QAPApplication

2007 Proposed Changes

LIHTC Recipients

Wisconsin---Final QAPApplication

2007 LIHTC Allocations

LIHTC Recipients

WyomingDraft QAPFinal QAPApplicationLIHTC Recipients


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