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2005 State LIHTC Information

* Please note these figures refer to state Low-Income Housing Tax Credit programs - not the federal LIHTC program. The following chart is intended for summary-purposes only. As state LIHTC programs vary widely, we recommend that you gather complete details from the appropriate state agency. Some of the information listed below is based on estimates.

Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions or with additional information about programs in your state.

StateEstimated Tax Credits
Available in 2005
Bifurcated from Federal LIHTC?Credit Period
Arkansas $250,000Yes10 years
California $70 millionNo4 years
Connecticut$5 millionYes10 years
Georgia $13.7 millionYes10 years
Hawaii $6 millionYes10 years
Louisianan/an/a4 years
Massachusetts $4 millionYes5 years
Missouri $9.8 millionYes10 years
New York $8 millionUnknown10 years
North Carolina $Up to 10.5 millionYes5 years
Puerto Rico$15 millionn/a10 years
Utah $289,532Yes10 years
Virginia $500,000Yes5 years


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