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2000 State Bond Caps and Deadlines

Listed below are the scheduled deadlines for submitting tax-exempt bond applications and related information. We will continually update this list as new information becomes available. If you would like to correct or update the information listed below please e-mail [email protected].

(* indicates 1999 program information)



2000 State Ceiling

Housing Allocation

of Cap

2000 Application
Due Dates

Alaska$150,000,000*None to date*0%All year round
Arizona$238,916,600$46,588,737 to date19%Lottery Jan. 3, July 3
Arkansas$150,000,000$15,000,00010%January 10, June 1
California$1,657,256,050$900,000,00054%February 24, July 5
Colorado$199,000,000*$78,000,000*39%*3rd week of Jan., Aug. 31
Connecticut$163,700,000*None; $6,480,000 to single family*0%All year round
Delaware$150,000,000NANAAll year round
D.C.$150,000,000NANAAll year round
Florida$755,562,200NANAAll year round
Hawaii$150,000,000None0%All year round
Idaho$150,000,000None0%All year round
Illinois$602,266,300$40-50 million to all housingNAJan.3, June 1, July 17
Indiana$297,145,050$60,000,00020%Jan. 5, May 31
Iowa$150,000,000*$4,500,000 *3%Lottery Jan. 1
Kansas$150,000,000*$25,000,000-$30,000,000*18%*All year round
Kentucky$196,824,950*None*0%*Jan. 4-18
Louisiana$218,448,350*None*0%*All year round
Maine$150,000,000*NA; $40,000,000 to all housing*NAAll year round
Maryland$258,581,700NANAAll year round
Massachusetts$307,400,000*$59,170,578*19%*All year round
Michigan$500,000,000NANAAll year round
Minnesota$236,270,950*NANAFirst Monday in Jan., Feb. and Aug.
Mississippi$150,000,000$15,000,00010%All year round
Missouri$271,927,950NANAAll year round
Montana$150,000,000$43,000,000 to all housingNAAll year round
Nebraska$150,000,000NA; $75,000,000 to singleNAAll year round
Nevada$150,000,000None; $50,000,000 to all housingNAStatewide: year round.
Locally: depends on county.
New Hampshire$150,000,000$25,000,00017%All year round
New Jersey$405,800,000NANAAll year round. First come, first serve basis.
New Mexico$150,000,000$12,000,0008%All year round
New York$908,765,000$425,000,00047%All year round
North Carolina$377,324,650NA; no decisions until July 30NAApril 16
North Dakota$150,000,000None0%Apply Year-round. First come, first serve basis.
Ohio$562,832,700$56,000,0009.9%March 31, Juy 31
Oklahoma$167,902,200NANAAll year round until Sept. 1
Oregon$164,098,700$75,000,00045%All year round
Rhode Island$150,000,000$3,000,0002%All year round
South Carolina$194,286,800$25,000,00013%All year round
South Dakota$150,000,000$100,000,000 to all housingNAAll year round
Tennessee$274,176,750$75,000,000 to all housingNAUntil November 30
Texas$1,002,207,050$165,364,16316.5%Oct. 10-20
Utah$150,000,000$21,992,00015%All year round
Vermont$150,000,000$10,000,000*15%*All year round
Virginia$339,567,250$91,000,00027%All year round
Washington$289,600,000NANAAll year round
West Virginia$150,000,000$50 million to all housingNAAll year round
Wisconsin$261,175,000$45,000,000*NAUntil Sept. 15
Wyoming$150,000,000None; $90,000,000 to all housing0%Jan. 15, June 15


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