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2021 Small Business QLICI of the Year Award Recipient

Paul's Place - Groundwork Kitchen

CDEs: Cinnaire New Markets and The Community Builders, Inc.

Developer and owner: Paul's Place Community Kitchen, LLC
Location: Maltimore, Maryland

Paul’s Place–Groundwork Kitchen will provide a 15,000-square-foot culinary arts training center, restaurant and carryout shop in Baltimore, thanks to a $5.5 million QLICI by Cinnaire New Markets and a $5 million QLICI by The Community Builders Inc.

Nonprofit Paul’s Place, established in 1982, is launching Groundwork Kitchen as an entry-level culinary arts training program to stimulate the local economy, strengthen the community and transform lives. The 15,000-square-foot building will include a 150-seat restaurant and training facilities for classes of up to 15 people aged 18 to 80 can learn front-house and back-of-house skills for the hospitality industry. Sixty adults per year will graduate with the skills to land hospitality jobs.

The project had a financing gap after receiving several key contributions. The NMTCs allowed the development to move forward and develop an expected 122 jobs.

“Projects like Groundwork Kitchen create opportunities for low-income people while spurring economic development in underserved communities,” said Peter Giles, Cinnaire Vice President, Business Development. “Paul’s Place Groundwork Kitchen not only provides jobs but also valuable opportunities for low-income people to gain key skills and hands on training for employment in the hospitality industry.” 

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