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2008 Novogradac Community Development Foundation Community Development Individual Award Recipients

Federal Legislator of the Year

Sen. Olympia Snowe



Senator Olympia Snowe introduced legislation including the NMTC Reauthorization Act of 2005 (S.1800) and New Markets Tax Credit Extension Act of 2007 (S. 1239), establishing herself as a champion of the NMTC and its larger affects on communities across the nation.  Speaking on the program, Senator Snowe said, “Since its inception, the New Markets Tax Program has made major investments in low-income communities in Maine and throughout the country.  It is imperative that Congress Reauthorizes this essential program for a full five years to ensure that Congress invests in our rural communities that depend on these economic tools to thrive.”

State Legislators of the Year

Rep. Cedric L. Richmond

District 101 - Louisiana


Representative Cedric Richmond was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives where he has been a leader and served with distinction since 2000. Currently, he is the Chairman of the committee on Judiciary and a member of the Ways and Means, House Executive, and Legislative Audit Advisory committees.

Representative Richmond was the chief advocate and sponsor of the nation’s first state level New Markets Tax Credit bill in 2002.  Most recently he has spearheaded improvements to the New Markers Tax Credit bill, attracting more that $300 million in low-income community investments throughout Louisiana.

Sen. Scott T. Rupp

​District 2 - Missouri


Senator Scott Rupp is a sponsor of the Missouri New Markets Tax Credit development program.  To date the Missouri New Markets program has provided more that $44 million in private-sector investment in economically distressed communities.

No one worked harder to secure additional state tax credits for Missouri than Senator Rupp.

Public Executive of the Year

Mayor Virginia DuPuy

Waco, Texas


Mayor Virginia DuPuy has lead the charge for supporting and encouraging the surge of current downtown development projects starting in  2007 with construction to continue through 2009.  Total redevelopment figures to total more than $75,000,000.  This is the first significant new construction to occur in several decades in downtown.  It includes new commercial (retail, restaurant & office) and residential lofts targeting and attracting an eclectic mix of not just urban pioneers, but young professionals, empty nesters and college students to an area that had been largely unused surface parking for 50 plus years.

Equally as important Mayor DuPuy has been a major supporter of inner city neighborhood revitalization through a nationally recognized City Lot Sales program as well as working with Waco Community Development Corporation.

Mayor DuPuy has also become one of the strongest Mayors to lead the fight to end poverty and homelessness.  She has been recognized locally, regionally, and nationally for her fight to end chronic homeless; she shuts no door when it comes to issues confronting her beloved community.  


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